Yemen Times’ new publicationYemen in 2006 [Archives:2007/1052/Front Page]

May 21 2007

Republic of Yemen is currently going through a crucial phase of transition. Not only is the country's democratic movement having a hard prolonged labour, the state is suffering from both national and international pressures almost in all respects.

2006 has been an exciting year. The political scene was crowned with the presidential and local council elections, which were termed as a milestone in Yemen's history. While the economy did not seem to flourish much, natural disasters were another striking feature of the year.

Keeping track of the year's event gives great insight about the country's development. There were many projects and agreements that signed, the Yemeni parliament showed signs of awakening, and there were many capacity building programs carried out.

Year 2006 is over, with all its happy and sad moments, and now we are looking forward to what 2007 will bring.