Yemen Times online: http// 20,000 HITS IN 6 MONTHS [Archives:1998/27/Front Page]

June 6 1998

On June 30th, 1998, the counter at the Yemen Times online site, http// showed 19898 hits for the first half of the year. The number of readers has been steadily rising from an average of some 12 visitors per day when the site was first installed, to about daily 80 visitors earlier this year, to over 200 at the moment. We expect to have over 350 hits a day by the end of the year.
Most of the people who access Yemen Times online are foreign government officials, business people, academicians, journalists, and others. In addition, Yemeni students abroad and immigrants also access it.
The newspaper receives by e-mail ([email protected]) a lot of feedback and comments, often complementary and useful. The paper responds to some of these messages.
“We read the paper because its editors call the shots as they see them, and due to independent reporting,” many write.