Yemen Times Online makes history [Archives:2004/779/Front Page]

October 7 2004

According to recent statistics, Yemen Times Online (, the website of Yemen Times, had more than 5 million accesses in this year alone. The overall material downloaded from the website from January 1st 2004 until present date exceeded 40,000,000,000 bytes of electronic data. This extends Yemen Times' lead as Yemen's most popular website globally.
Furthermore, the number of accesses has been steadily rising from early 2004, projecting a possible reach of 8 million accesses by the end of the year. This puts the Yemen Times in the lead of regional websites as well.
Yemen Times Online has also been the leader in providing news on Yemen on major news networks such as It is also the top-ranking website in major search engines for queries on “Yemen” as it usually comes first or second on popular engines.
“Our sophisticated online interface used by the staff, branches, and stringers makes us quite advanced in IT compared to many newspapers in the region. We are continuing our efforts to bolster our lead in this respect even further.” said the Information Technology department manager of Yemen Times.
Yemen Times currently enjoys a broad readership ranging from regular locals to citizens in other continents. Its online subscription service now has thousands of subscribers from all over the world. Each of the subscribers receives up-to-date news to his/her email regularly.