Yemen Times Organizes a Workshop on Female Journalism [Archives:2001/37/Local News]

September 10 2001

Yemen Times Weekly is organizing a workshop from September 10 to 13 at its premises in Sana’a on the issue female journalism in Yemen. The workshop which will be inaugurated by Mr. Mohammed Shahir, Deputy Minister of Information, will focus on the challenges facing female journalism in Yemen and methods to promote female journalism.
The program coordinator of the event, Ms. Nadia Al-Saqqaf, stressed that the workshop must generate tangible results that could potentially open the way for female journalists wishing to be involved deeper in the field of professional journalists. “The workshop is considered a pioneer step by Yemen Times to promote female journalists and pinpoint the challenges and problems they go through. We also hope that it will be useful in familiarizing the Yemeni community to female journalists,” she said.