Yemen Times Person of the Year 2005Hiyam Mubarak [Archives:2006/909/Front Page]

January 5 2006

“If there is a will, there is a way. We are the will and we make the way!” according to Hiyam Mubarak, Chairperson of Al-Iradah Network for Poverty Eradication.

This year, the Yemen Times Person of the Year trend was broken. This time, it is not just one person; it is rather a group of people. Although represented by their leader Mubarak, the Yemen Times felt that all Al-Iradah team members deserve reward for their amazing work during 2005.

“Al-Iradah means will. We specifically chose this name because we knew what was waiting for us and we wanted to tell ourselves and the world that we have a strong will to change the situation for the better. We are up to the challenge!” Mubarak said.

The newly married Mubarak is a young woman from Al-Mua'ala, Aden, and a government employee. Along with six other members, she established the Women's Association for Poverty Reduction in Aden in 1999. The association is home for more than 20 street children saved from the street and taken care of by association members. Mubarak established Al-Iradah Network through the women's association in early 2004, leading another seven associations working on poverty.

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