Yemen Times Person of the Year 2008 [Archives:2009/1222/Front Page]

January 5 2009

Shada Mohammed Nasser has been working in the field of human rights and advocacy since 1996 when she established the first legal office for female practitioners in Sana'a. She is also a researcher and had participated in observing the 1997 parliamentary elections. Despite her heavy schedule as a well established lawyer, she takes many pro-bono cases – especially when the victim is a woman or a child. She has been chosen as Yemen Times Person of the Year 2008 because of her extensive advocacy work for women's rights, especially women prisoners, and children's rights, especially with regards to early marriage. She is a member of the Arab Thought Forum based in Amman – Jordan. Nasser was awarded the Glamour Magazine women of the year 2008 award, and was chosen as one of CNN heroes in the last quarter of 2008. She is married and has two children.

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