Yemen Times publishes “Hand in Hand with the President towards Development” booklet [Archives:2004/740/Last Page]

May 24 2004

In a unique and pioneer initiative, Yemen Times has published a booklet entitled 'Hand in Hand with the President towards development” on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the 22 May unification day.
The publication was issued upon a demand to research and present ideas and steps to be implemented so as to support the President in achieving comprehensive development in a quicker pace and to ensure the participation of civil society and the community as a whole in the building of a modern Yemen.
The publication, whose first edition was presented to the President personally, concentrated on elements and factors necessary to achieve maximum growth and development in the country. The content was derived from extensive research on the priorities and basics of any country progressing towards modernization. In some context, the example of the East Asian revolution was taken into account, and the steps taken by the Asian tigers to become what they are today have been presented.

In its explanation of the priorities for development, four concrete and basic factors were presented: investing in humans, establishing the rule of law, institutionalizing the government, and supporting investors. All of those four factors together serve as the guidelines for a master plan to develop the country in all fields.

Appreciation and gratitude
The President along with many diplomats, civil activists, officials and Yemeni intellectuals have expressed gratitude and appreciation to Yemen Times and all those who supported the issuance of this guide for coming out with such an effort that resembles interesting ideas that tackle issues of major concern to each Yemeni citizen. They urged the newspaper to follow up this path and continue to take similar steps to build a bridge between civil society and government for the sake of a glorious future for Yemen.