Yemen Times Site at, gets 1,000,000 hits [Archives:1999/42/Front Page]

October 18 1999

Yes, indeed, last week, the most famous and prominent Yemeni site on the Internet, at got its 1,000,000 hit. The number of visitors had drastically increased in the last three years to a level that has never reached before for any other Yemeni Site on the Internet. Not only was Yemen Times Online rated the best among all other sites by its readers, but it has also set a good example of how to reach a wide block of readers from all over the world. 
The unique thing about Yemen Times Online site is that unlike other newspaper sites, it has a very wide variety of services which makes it a target of not only users, but also many others interested in using these facilities. The most interesting one is the postcard service. Other services included are Classified sections, links, feedback, chatting room plus many other services. Moreover, the site is in continual development to obtain a daily news section that can be used as a bulletin after printing it directly from the home page. This will in some ways help hotels and offices which want daily news about Yemen.