Yemen Times Takes its Case to an  International Level [Archives:1999/05/Front Page]

February 1 1999

After the many brutal attacks on the Yemen Times, and its chief editor, Professor Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, and after the so many aimless accusations from the “26 September” and “Al-Mithaq,” newspapers, Yemen Times decided to take this issue to the world. It decided to authorize the following four organizations to take its case to the courts.
1- International Organization for Journalists, (IOJ) – Regional Office;
2- Federation of Arab Journalists, Head Office, Cairo;
3- Reporters Sana Frontiers, Paris;
4- Committee to Protect Journalists, New York.
“26 September” is an official state organ speaking on behalf of the military establishment and is managed by the Press Secretary of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. “Ali-Mithaq” newspaper is the mouthpiece of the ruling People’s General Congress party, headed by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The two papers have accused the editor of the Yemen Times Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf of being an agent of Western imperialism, of representing the interests of international zionism, of being sponsored and groomed by the Unification Church, and of spreading the message of the international Christian messianic movement.
The Yemen Times had published articles demanding accountability for the actions and decisions of the state officials, and asked for better respect for human rights and press freedom.