Yemen Times: Too Strong to Die! [Archives:1999/29/Viewpoint]

July 19 1999

Many people doubted that Yemen Times could continue after the death of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf.However, the reality has proved to be quite different. Yemen Times is an establishment, a strong and structured foundation that has employees, units, departments, branches, offices, and all the facilities any company has. Yemen Times is a newspaper that was founded to live on. It is too strong to die, and has the power to withstand even the worst circumstances. International and local newspapers and magazines world wide do not depend on only one person or one group. The success behind every such establishment is actually team work. A newspaper cannot survive without the participation of their employees, all committed to their tasks and duties. On the other hand, they are structured in a way that preserves systematic operations that continue even if an important member is absent. 
That is why Yemen Times went on as normal. We at the Yemen Times have a qualified and hard working staff that has worked together as cohesive unit and in an systematic manner both before and after the death of the founder. 
There is no secret behind the ability of Yemen Times to go on and publish its issues every Monday as used to be before the death of its founder. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf himself used to have a known duty in the Yemen Times, which was to write this column “View Point” and monitor work in the paper. Other than that, he is the founder of the newspaper, and the person who used to keep our spirits high all the time. He was a busy man who worked in more than one field and in more than one place. 
As the reader of Yemen Times, you should not doubt the continuation of the paper. The paper will continue, and there are plans to make it a bi-weekly, then a tri-weekly. There are plans to bring Yemen Times to a higher level of quality, and to bring it up to international standards regarding its layout and material. We have the best staff that could work for a newspaper in Yemen. We have the best layout designers, editors, translators, journalists, managers, and staff overall in this country. Every staff member of the Yemen Times has been selected carefully to meet any challenge. 
This is not just talk, we have indeed proven that we are a powerful organization that is too strong to die, even after the death of our founder. Advertisements have increased, articles have been enhanced, news articles have become more accurate and reliable. Our newspaper is moving forward towards brighter horizons and a better future. We are doing well, and we will continue to do well. Yemen Times Reader, please be confident that the Yemen Times is too strong to die. 
Walid Al-Saqqaf 
Publisher, Acting Chief Editor