Yemen to commence insurance system for Yemeni expatriates [Archives:2007/1048/Local News]

May 7 2007

SANA'A, May 5 ) Last Saturday the ministry of Civil Service and Social Security started to apply the insurance system for Yemeni expatriates in Saudi Arabia as a first step.

Minister of Civil Service and Social Security Hamoud al-Soufi and Chairman of the General Corporation for Social Insurance Saleh Same`a arrived at Saudi Arabia to carry out the first stage of Yemeni expatriates insurance system , which will be applicable in four Gulf states

Upon his arrived at Saudi Arabia, al-Soufi made it clear that all technical procedures have been finalized and the first stage includes four countries; Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kuwait. Also, he pointed out that “The insurance system will be implemented in Saudi Arabia as a beginning step because of the big number of Yemeni expatriates who live in Saudi Arabia.”

The insurance system is significant for it will open a new channel between Yemeni expatriates and their country. In addition, it will improve the Yemeni economy through formal banking channels.

According to the Yemeni ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al-Ahwal, the insurance system indicates co-benefits for the Yemeni expatriates and the government. Also, it will be of communicative channel for both sides,

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry has an intention to expand the insurance system, which depends on the law of social insurance No. 26 of the year 1991, to include other countries such as Britain, US, and East African States.