Yemen to Host Emerging Democracies Summit [Archives:1998/49/Front Page]

December 7 1998

Leslie Campbell, Director of Middle East and North Africa Region at the National Democratic Institute, is in Sanaa to finalize arrangements for a gathering of 150 pro-democracy leaders to be held in Yemen next year. The “Emerging Democracies Forum: A Political leaders Summit” is tentatively scheduled for mid 1999.
The objective is to provide an opportunity for discussing the common hurdles confronting senior political leaders in democratizing countries, and to promote the formation of a diverse multi-national “caucus” of emerging democracies with a view to encouraging on-going commitment to democratic values.

Participating countries include newly emerging transitional democracies from Africa, Latin America, and former communist countries. Yemen agreed to host the gathering.
NDI is now busy with preparations, which explains the visit. Mr. Campbell re-focused the objectives. “While recognizing the achievements so far, we want to renew the pledge to stay the course of democratic transformation.”