Yemen to launch the Arab Traffic Week [Archives:2007/1048/Local News]

May 7 2007

SANA'A, May 6 ) Ministry of interior and Ministry of Public health and Population in coordination with World Health Organization (WHO) launched the Arab Traffic Week, which is to be in the period of May 5-10, last Saturday all over the Yemeni governorates.

The Week aims to cast light on causes and serious consequences of traffic accidents especially among youths who constitutes 40% of traffic incidents' victims in Yemen. It will also include many activities aimed to raise awareness level regarding traffic rules and road safety.

It will be inaugurated with youths and students' parade. It is also to include holding an exhibition embodying the volume of suffering and losses resulted from traffic accidents as well as ways of preventing them. Additionally, it will include mobile cinema, TV symposiums, and many other activities related to the occasion.

In the same time, the Emeriti international committee and the Canadian training without barriers committee arranged on Saturday a training course in treating accident casualities which bestows participants with new experience and skills in this regard. The course aims to train more than 60 doctors and nurses.

According to the official report and statistics issued by the General Administration of Traffic (GAT), the accidents in 2006 reached 13011 incidents which killed more that 2711citizens and injured more than 17873citizens.

The report attributed such accidents to recklessness, hastiness, technical defects, dangerous overtaking, drivers going the wrong way down one-way streets, tire explosions, and drinking.