Yemen to partake in China’s Trade Exhibition [Archives:2005/882/Local News]

October 3 2005

Aden-Sept. 27- The Aden Chamber of Trade and Industry is making the necessary arrangements for taking part in the Chinese Goods Exhibition, scheduled to take place in Guangzhou, China- during the period 15- 30 October.

In its bulletin, the Chamber invited Yemeni businessmen to take part in the activities of exhibition, which would create opportunities for trade exchange between the two friendly countries.

The Yemeni government is always keen to promote its trade in the international markets and encourage businessmen and brief them on how to convey a good impression about their country in international participations.

By the same token, China is one of the few Asian countries that pay more attention to its trade and industry sectors. It really approved itself to be a strong rival in the international markets and caused annoyance to most of the EU countries forcing to hold several talks on garment industry.