Yemen to Participate in the Second  World Water Forum [Archives:2000/04/Front Page]

January 24 2000

The Second World Water Forum will be held during the period 17-22 March. This international forum is basically sponsored by the World Water Council and it is financed by many international organizations including many governments like the government of the Hague of Netherlands, the World Bank, the Ministry of the Public Works and many international organizations in the whole world. The idea of the World Water Forum is to create a vision for the future of water problems as we know that the next century more than fifty countries in the world are going to face water resources problems. 
The wife of the Dutch Ambassador, Mrs. Caron Meerborg, organized a round-table meeting on Tuesday, January 18 which was attended by water experts , journalists and school teachers. “The idea of the meeting is to warn the people of Yemen, particularly the younger generation of the menace of water resources problems and to prepare a small delegation from schools to go and participate in the forum” Mr. Anwar Sahooli from the Ministry of Electricity and Water told Yemen Times.
The meting was also meant for the preparation made to receive a group of young people coming from the Netherlands to visit Yemen to understand what our water issues and problems are and how can we solve them in the future. 
The government of Yemen is also thinking to participate on individual level because there will be a ministerial conference at the end of this forum, which will agree on policies of water use, water conservation, financing the poor countries in dealing with the problem of water in future, and making a set of strategies and principles for water conservation, and to reach a sustainable environmental development of water.