Yemen To Produce Flour for the First Time [Archives:1999/49/Front Page]

December 6 1999

Chairman of the National Trading Company, Hayel Saeed Group of Compnaies, Nabil Hayel Saeed Anaam said on Thursday that a $50 million flour mill was to be built in the southern city port of Aden. The mill would have the production capacity of 1,500 tonnes of flour a day. Mr. Nabeel Hayel Saeed Anam added that the plant was scheduled to be inaugurated at the end of December. 
Through this mill, Yemen will meet the requirements of the production of flour for the first time as the European Union flour trade braces itself for the loss of yet another market. Being the world’s biggest flour importer in 1998 and a big buyer from the EU, Yemen’s plan to inaugurate its own flour mill at the end of December will be a major setback for EU. 
On the other hand, Al-Habbari Group and YIFICO are also constructing a huge flour mill at Al-Saleef on the western coast of Hodeidah. This project is expected to be completed within the next few years. Yemenis look forward in eager anticipation to the completion of these two projects as they are expected to give a boost to Yemen’s economy and as such would be of great benefit for the nation as a whole.