Yemen Tourism Magazine Inaugurated [Archives:2001/37/Reportage]

September 10 2001

Last Wednesday 5, 2001 Yemen Tourism Promotion Board held press conference to inaugurate the Yemen Tourism Magazine. It was attended by Minister of Tourism, Abdulrhman Al-Eriani, Al-Sheikh, Hameed Al-Ahmar, the Mayor of Sana’a and a number of personalities interested in the field of tourism. The Magazine stopped its publication and now has resumed it. It is a marketing and cultural magazine published periodically, in Arabic and in English languages. The magazine is also concerned with finding new tourist horizons, environment matters, the country’s’ natural wealth and service information, to be different from other tourism publications. The Yemen Tourism magazine has fundamental objectives and concerns to clarify the tourism policy, deepening the tourism knowledge and understanding of tourism and to raise up the perfect view through spotlighting tourism and environment of the sites as well as the unknown sites which have been ignored. Its main concern is to cope with modern changes and directions and to ameliorate tourist industry at private and public sectors, following up tourism movement at international and local levels, including the prospects of marketing and the kind of services benefiting our country. The magazine also aims at participating in discussions, meetings, conferences, tourist festivals at local or international levels.