Yemen Tries to Keep Its Distance As the Eritrea-Ethiopia War Rages On! [Archives:1998/24/Front Page]

June 15 1998

Eritrean and Ethiopian ministers and other envoys have been shuttling back and forth into the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. The purpose is to “explain” their viewpoint on the on-going war between the two neighbors, and to try to win sympathy. The Yemenis have been urging patience and restraint on both sides. The authorities in Sanaa are apprehensive of an escalation in the conflict.
“This war serves nobody. It only leads to disaster and more suffering,” a source at the Presidential office announced.
Moreover, Yemen is worried about the possibility of a new wave of refugees flooding its shores. It has yet to recover from the Somali wave of refugees. “We are also worried because a solution to the war could bring foreign forces to the region,” the source added.
Meanwhile, Eritrea and Ethiopia continue to fight over a 400 square kilometer barren area. Eritrea, which started this war, also has military disputes with all its other neighbors – Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen