Yemen-US military cooperation discussed [Archives:2003/53/Front Page]

December 24 2003

In a press conference held at the US Embassy in Sana’a last week, General Sattler, Commander of the Joint Task Forces in the Horn of Africa said that US would cooperate with Yemen jointly and not separately and that the US didn’t intend to conduct any military operations in Yemen against al-Qaeda suspects.
During his meeting with Yemen’s president Saleh in Hodeida. Sattler asked the president to train Yemeni security men along with Arab ones to work as liaison officers. This includes the countries which have allied with the US-led war against terror.
During his meeting with the president, Yemen-US future cooperation was discussed in both of military cooperation and the anti-terror campaign.
He noted further that he had met with the Yemeni interior minister and discussed with the Yemeni army officers how to become partners in the future along with the US.
General John Sattler highly spoke of the existing cooperation between Yemen and the US in the anti-terror campaign, placing great stress on the US interests to strengthen Yemen-US relations for the benefit of the common interests of the two countries.
Since December 13, John Sattler leads joint military operation in the anti-terror campaign in the Horn of Africa especially in countries like, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.
John Sattler, Commander of the Combined Joint Task Forces in the Horn of Africa has been entrusted with fanning out US soldiers through the Horn of Africa to track down al-Qaeda elements. Around 400 US soldiers have been stationed on US planes in the Gulf of Aden near the Djibouti coastlines along with 1300 others in the region.
The joint forces in the Horn of Africa are entitled to gather information taking the help of US intelligence and allied governments in the region.
The US marines have turned their attention to the Horn of Africa since the time of launching anti-terror war in Afghanistan due to the September 11 terrorist attack in New York and Washington DC.
Yemen is among those countries which has cooperated with the US to track down al-Qaeda elements.