Yemen wakeup call [Archives:2008/1163/Community]

May 12 2008

By: Waddah Nasher
[email protected]

I'm not sure how Yemen got its name, “Happy Yemen,” because I've never seen her happy in my life. There's always something to suppress the life and happiness out of her and her people.

I am Yemeni. Ask about my history and it will tell how sad I've been. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's the train coming right at you. The situation in Yemen has reached its limit and that limit is war. It's unfortunate, but I see it in the distance. It's the only way out and only a matter of time.

This will be Yemen's first and last war. Anyone with the slightest inkling of Yemeni history will disagree with me by affirming that this is not Yemen's first war and probably not its last – but it is.

All previous wars here have been someone else's, not Yemen's. It's always been about someone winning or losing power, someone who wants unity or doesn't. All previous wars were never Yemen's, but this one is.

This will be Yemen's first war simply because it has had enough of you who have mistreated her, cut her open and left her to bleed and squeezed every last drop of happiness from her. You didn't care for her, but rather for your own interests, well-being, happiness and future, but never hers.

I'm saddened by what I know and I know war is imminent; it's only a matter of time.

The past 18 years or so have been the worst – not that it was any better before, but at least Yemen use to get a cut of the deal and a little bit of juice to keep her motor running. However, lately, you've been taking and talking without even a promise to pay her back.

Need I mention poverty, the increased suicide rate or the decline in the education and public health sectors? The overall wellbeing of Yemeni people has been deteriorating sharply over the past 18 years.

I'm not implying that Yemeni unity is the reason because it's not. Rather, it's you who have allowed corruption in our nation to reach new heights, surpassing any human level. Now it's Yemen's turn to fight back. It's Judgment Day.

Yes, sadly, I know that war is imminent; it's only a matter of time and the time is closer than you think. Yemen is going after all of you who have disrespected and disgraced its past, present and future and you who have depleted its youth and shattered its hopes and dreams.

I'm rooting for Yemen to defeat you and she will because this will be her first and last war.