Yemeni accused of aiding illegal entries [Archives:2003/02/Local News]

January 13 2003

A U.S. federal magistrate has ordered an American businessman from Ohio held without bond after prosecutors said a search warrant turned up records showing he tried to bring 25 Yemeni businessmen into the United States for improper reasons.
Ali Kareem Aladimi, now a U.S. citizen, was born in Yemen.
“Assisting other people in entering this country illegally is troubling, especially in light of the current situation,” said U.S. Magistrate Timothy Hogan.
There was no mention of any link to terrorist activities during a bond hearing this week. Aladimi is suspected of using aliases and trying to move large amounts of cash and people under suspicious circumstances.
Aladimi has lived in the United States for nearly 20 years. He and his U.S.-born wife have six children. The government previously seized $784,000 from their home in Beavercreek, Ohio.
Aladimi, 41, is already under federal indictment in California, accused of taking part in a conspiracy to distribute an over-the-counter drug used in illegal labs. He was free on $400,000 bond until his arrest last week.
A federal warrant accuses him of transporting stolen merchandise in interstate commerce. Authorities said they found stolen baby food loaded aboard a stolen trailer at Aladimi’s warehousing company in West Chester.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Amul Thapar said Monday the government has found nothing that shows Aladimi intended the 25 Yemenis to work for his business.
His lawyer, Janet Kravitz, argued that the Yemenis were artisans skilled in making stained-glass windows.