Yemeni agate’s random beauty [Archives:2005/809/Last Page]

January 20 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Agates are the most scarce, beautiful and best gemstones available in the nature. Its solidity and strength are considered the fourth in sequence after the diamond and corundum, but the Yemeni agate is distinguished by the often-paint like patterns within it. The pictures in the stones can sometimes bird, animals, people, or mountains.

Old Sana'a is the main center for buying and selling the Yemeni agate. Tourists keenly purchase agate rings and necklaces as gifts for their families, or to sell in their own countries.

Mr. Ali Ahmed Musleh al-Sayyadi, an immigrant Yemeni in the Emirates tells the Yemen Times that he has seen pieces that look to hold the image of the Virgin Mary, or the word Allah.