Yemeni-Algerian Fraternal Association Created  [Archives:1997/42/Local News]

October 20 1997

Today, Monday, October 20th, the constituent meeting of the Yemeni-Algerian Fraternal Association is being held. Mr. Ali Abdullah Sallal is tipped to be the chairman of the association.     German Orientalist Meets Yemeni Intellectuals Professor Annemarie Schimmel of Germany is in Yemen on a ten-day visit to the country at the invitation of the Foreign Minister, Dr. Abdul-Karim Al-Iryani. Dr. Schimmel gave a lecture on the life and work of another orientalist, Dr. Friedrich-Ruckert-Preis. She also met with a number of Yemeni intellectuals and scholars. Dr. Schimmel is a leading scholar on Islamic studies. She speaks Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and has published extensively.