Yemeni ambassador summoned to Iranian foreign ministry [Archives:2005/848/Local News]

June 6 2005

Tehran, 2 June: Yemen's ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the foreign ministry on Wednesday [1 June] to receive Iran's protest and dissatisfaction over false statements of a Yemeni court concerning Iran.

According to the foreign ministry media department report, Director General of Persian Gulf Department in IRI Foreign Ministry referring to last weeks visit of Yemen's Foreign Minister Abu-Bakr al-Qirbi and his negotiations with Iranian officials called the unfounded accusations in the Yemeni court verdict contradictory to the aims of the al-Qirbi visit.

Referring to the latest events in Yemen, the Iranian official called them an internal affairs and notified that such issues should be settled in the framework of the country's unity and democracy.

The Yemeni ambassador referring to brotherhood ties between the two countries expressed his country's officials intention to consolidate and expand relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The ambassador said,” He would convey Iran's protest and will follow the case””.

A Yemeni Shite clergy was found guilty for conspiring against Yemen's national security on Sunday