Yemeni American boxers “The Lion” wins again [Archives:2007/1098/Local News]

October 25 2007

MICHIGAN ) Oct, 27-American boxer, of Yemeni origin, Brian “The Lion” Mihtar, scored his eighth KO victory in oct.26 at Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center in Ypsilanti

The boxing fight, which was watched by at least 2,500, was very fast and ended at 1st round TKO at 1:33 sec. “it was a really fast fight. I don't know what to say except for thanking God almighty for giving me the courage and strength to do what I did,” commented Mihtar after the fight.

As the bell rang for the 1st round, Mihtar jumped on his competitor and threw three punch combo, two to the head and one to the body and caught his foe clean, he went down beat the count and got back up, then I rushed in and threw a straight right and broke his nose as collapsed, the fight was then stopped.

With this impressive victory, , he has improved his record to 8-0 KO.

Mihtar, was born as Abrahim Mihtar on August 18, 1979 in Detroit Michigan, U.S.A. is from the Mihtar family which hails from the village of Meswara in the country of Yemen.

He began boxing in 1998 after being drawn to the sport by former world champion “Prince” Naseem Hamed, also of Yemeni descent. After seeing Hamed at New York's Madison Square Garden, Mihtar returned to Detroit and went straight to the gym. He emerged in 2005 as a promising middleweight prospect in Detroit's fight game. Reportedly known for a concrete chin, punching power, elusive defense and body punching, Mihtar has drawn large crowds of Arab American boxing fans to his fights

Mihtar repeatedly reveals his will to come to Yemen and work with the Yemeni youth and set up an exhibition boxing event.” I'm just waiting for an invitation from the Yemeni government ” he told Yemen times.