Yemeni-American Businessmen Council goalsPromote investments, technology transfer, enhance trade relations [Archives:2003/653/Business & Economy]

July 24 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The meeting held recently in Sana'a between members of Yemen's Chambers of Commerce and Industry Board of Directors members and director of American Government Relations office Mrs. Ellen Levinson resulted in agreement on the establishment of a Council of Yemeni-American Businessmen (YABC). Yemen Times has obtained a copy of the work program of the Council that determined its objectives as including:
-the providing of an open structure suitable for trade, investment and economic cooperation of Yemen and the United States of America,
-promoting for private investment, transfer of technology and providing employment opportunities in Yemen,
-building and enhancement of awareness about the economic and political value of Yemen as an essential building of free democracy in the Middle East.
The Council would contribute to drawing up policies, laws and projects that encourage economic, trade and information communications between the public and private sectors in both countries.
Establishment of YABC and its projects:
The YABC would concentrate in the preliminary stage, July 2003-June 2005 three aspects:
1- Organizational statements and membership:
-entering the council in the United States and establishment of its office in Washington,
-formation of basic database on companies, sources, organisations, agencies and other apparatuses that possess capabilities, services, and products, that may benefit from economic and trade relations between Yemen and the U.S.,
-formation of an American-Yemeni membership base and determining ways of long-range funding composed of members of the private sector and possibility of financing from various other establishments and individuals,
-formation of organizational system including board of directors, working groups, consultative committee and administrative elements work for facilitating dialogue between members and taking decisions on policies, programs, priorities and carrying out educational and promotional activities,
-establishment of cooperative work relationship with the Yemeni embassy in Washington and the American embassy in Sana'a.
2- Discussing plans and formation of information materials:
– conducting researches on American policies related to trade, investment, discussion of Yemeni companies, products and services entering the American markets,
-seeking for opportunities of American investments and trading with Yemen and defining the obstacles concerning American trading and investments,
-preparing and supplying of brief information for members of the council on exploring policies, plans and markets,
-preparing and supplying information about the council and job opportunities and investment opportunities in Yemen.
3- Promotional and information activities include:
– taking part in meetings held under the patronage of other sides such as chambers of commerce, government organisations, official scientific academies and government agencies working in commercial affairs in order to provide them with information about the council and its task,
-providing information on the council and conducting dialogue with American policy and plans-makers such as senior executives at the department of trade and office of the American trade representative, state department, agriculture department, energy department and the house of senates and senior Yemeni employees,
-coordination with the Yemeni embassy in Washington concerning special activities as symposium of cultural heritage, visits by Yemeni senior officials to the United States of America.