Yemeni Ancient Traditional Dresses [Archives:1999/39/Culture]

September 27 1999

Saleh Abdulbaqi
Cultural Editor
Yemen Times
Yemeni Society has a number of ancient traditional dresses. Through these traditional dresses, people have formed their own originality and civilization. The country has different beautiful samples of traditional dresses which are inherited through the generations. These dresses emanated from the real environment, which formed the customs and traditions of our country.
Without doubt, people in Yemen have a high taste in this field. In other words, we are proud of our national customs. In this report I will deal with some of these distinguished features of this dress in Tehama- Hodeidah. People in Tehama are famous from the ancient periods for their originality and traditional customs. They still preserve these tradition until today. If we look closely, we would realize that this tradition embodied the close relation between man and the earth. The Tehamian society is distinguished for its traditional uniforms, which became a part of its daily life. The new fashions did not affect the traditional dresses of Tehama because through their traditional dresses, people there have formed a deep civilization. Moreover, dresses in Tehama are among the most distinguished amongst all the Yemeni dresses. The white color reflects kindness and peace, two things that distinguish Tehamians from other Yemenis. Tehamian men wear the white ‘Ma’waz’, and the ‘Al-Maajar’ which surrounds their waists. On their heads, they also wear a cotton white cap or the caned cap, which is a quite famous handicraft in Tehama. They also put some flowers on the head within a green ‘Shaal’ or ‘Mashqar’.
Finally, I would like to affirm here that our ancient dresses reflect the real face of our country. The tourists and visitors have a desire to see and get these dresses. Dresses that Tehami men wear truly reflect an idea of peace of mind, and simplicity. The two features of all tehamian people.