Yemeni and maidservant murdered in Najran [Archives:2005/850/Local News]

June 13 2005

A Yemeni national residing in Najran, to the south of Saudi Arabia, was murdered along with his Malaysian maidservant in a mysterious condition last week.

The Najran police made clear they were reported by one of the maidservant's relatives that her corpse was found covered with a piece of cloth inside Yahya's apartment.

Yahya is a Yemeni national residing in a Najran apartment.

The person who presented the report said he found the door of the apartment open and this provoked his suspicion and compelled him to report the police.

A Saudi police officer clarified they found the two corpses of a Malaysian maidservant, at the age of 20, and a Yemeni national in his 50s thrown in the passage of the apartment.

Examining the two corpses, the police discovered the two victims were shot dead on their heads by a pistol.