Yemeni Artists are in Full Bright Colors in Ravenna International Ceremony [Archives:1999/34/Culture]

August 23 1999

What our artists have achieved this year in Italy is actually another victory added to their record of achievements. Their excellent performance in the Ravenna international ceremony in Italy, is a sure sign that proves that Yemeni songs are in constant progress and steady development. Our artists have showed that they are distinguished and that Yemeni songs have their presence on the international level. 
Our country was represented by a good number of artists under the Seera Group. These artists are: Mohammed Ghallab, Saleh Abdulbaqi, Hamood Al-Gonaid, Abdulrahman Al-Amdi, Hana Omar, Omar Bagabeer, Wahib Al-Nowahi and Marwan Al-Haidari, all of them were chaired by Dr. Nezar Ghanem and Abdullilah Salam. There were also two dancers, Kaseer and Zabida. 
It is undoubtedly known that these artists have performed their roles in a way that all could not help but be impressed by that exquisite performance. They have managed to form a very nice and sublime picture of Yemen, in all of Italy and in all the different towns visited by these bands. Despite the fact that this was the first time the Yemeni song was introduced to the Italians in this international ceremony, held in Europe each year, we were amazed to realize the great approval of the Yemeni bands whose artists attracted the attention of all the whole audience. It was very clear from the first time our singers participated on June 26, 99 in Bagnacavallo, one of the superbs of Ravenna, and on the stage of the Golden Theater. The Yemeni bands inaugurated its first artistic activities in a way which resulted in the theater being crowded with people. The whole audience was cheering the Yemeni artists and was determined not to miss one Yemeni song. This has actually given our artists a strong push to do their best and excel themselves in these activities. 
As it is generally believed, Italians are distinguished from other European people for their sensitive sense and their admiration for other cultures which they host and interact with. This is actually what has been felt by the Yemeni artists in the evening ceremony at the Golden Theater. On that day they presented some of Sanaa’ni, Lahji, Hadrami songs and religious chants – “Al-Moshaha”, with the smell of the Yemeni scent which spread all over the stage as well as in the whole theater. Smelling this, the audience was very delighted and awe-inspired that they can not help but admire the august and magnificent performance of these artists. The bands finished their performance by giving a show of the wedding practices in Yemen. This has moved and overwhelmed Italians tremendously. What has really happened after the artists finished their performance is indeed of the most thrilling and unforgettable things in our artists lives. The whole audience was waiting in crowds to shake hands with these artists and to congratulate them for their grand performance. 
The same thing happened in almost all the towns of Italy, including Brafina, Rome, Feirona, Genoa, Milano, Audien and Napoli which was their last post. Therefore, our artists could made strategic dimensions for the Yemeni songs to make the world acquainted with them. Their success is best seen when we see different countries such as Austria, Italy, Spain, France offer invitations for our artists to participate in the coming international ceremonies. 
To sum it up, our artists, Ambassadors of the Yemeni Art as called by the Italian audience, have given a marvelous picture of Yemen in the outside world. We wish that this picture will never be distorted if these admirers come here to have a down to earth experience. It is worth mentioning to say that media in Italy has also played a vital role in making the Yemeni activities common to all the people of Italy. Certainly, these artists have left a cultural and civilized touch which will memorably be engraved in the imagination of the people of Italy.
By: Saleh Abdulbaqi 
Cultural Editor