Yemeni artists show creativity [Archives:2004/797/Culture]

December 9 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
In the framework of San'a's being the Cultural Arab Capital for 2004, the Ministry of Culture & Tourism Khalid Al-Rowaishan inaugurated the Artistic Exhibition Nov. 27, with a group of Yemen Artists taking part in the exhibition.
The artists are Hashim Ali, Amina Al-Nusairi, Reema Qasim, Talal Al-Najjar, Abdulghani Ali and Madhihar Nazzar.
These artists are considered the pioneers of fine arts in the country and their works and achievements are highly respected in international and local assemblies.
The exhibition will continue up to Dec. 2, during which time the participating artists exhibit their fine works including around 70 paintings.
The artists attempt to record and display some scenes of the Yemeni life through the use of a wonderful style, changing the real into a fascinating world. Their paintings deserve to be exhibited and viewed for a long.
The paintings have come out of a long experience over the last few years employing modern technology in the manipulation and design of the natural scenes. Colors, symbols and decoratives were diversified in an attractive style.
Works of the artists also included Yemen people's heritage and the ancient arts derived from the old city of Sana'a.
Details of women's faces in the old city of Sana'a were shown in the paintings to express the fact that the Yemeni woman is a symbol of fortitude and this dates back to history of Queen Balqis.