Yemeni Artists Struggle for a Decent Life [Archives:2001/25/Culture]

June 18 2001

Saleh Abdulbaqi
Yemen Times
Talented people all round the world are held in high esteem by their societies. They are encouraged and there are always people who are ready to listen to them and solve their problems. In Yemen the case is different. Many talented people including authors, poets, actors, musicians, comedians, etc. are being ignored and neglected by the authorities concerned. Many of these have been working in the field of Arts for a long time. Yet many have not received their due attention. What they get is no more than a paltry substinence, not enough for leading a decent life. The bottlenecks created by the administrative and financial offices disappoint many of these talented people. How can these people present creative output if they are given the minimum attention? Why should they suffer to get what they deserve? There seems to be a communication gap between the works of artists and those in the administration. This will consequently lead to nip artistic activities in the bud.
Talented people are very sensitive. They deserve a better and a decent life. For this reason we are pinning great hopes on the President and the Minister of Culture to put an end to the suffering of these people. They are not less precious than academics and those in the educational field. They should be encouraged if they are supposed to develop and improve the cultural movement in the country. We are looking forward to the coming days, which we hope will be better than the earlier times in terms of encouraging such people, otherwise someday great artistic works will disappear from Yemen.