Yemeni Athlete Secures [Archives:1997/49/Front Page]

December 8 1997

1st Place in W.Asian Taekwondu Contests
It was getting more difficult for Waddah. The clock was ticking away, and his foe, Khaled Jabbar of Kuwait, was ahead in terms of points. It was the third (last) round of the match. Waddah Abdul-Malik Alwan Al-Maqramy was fighting for his chance, and the glory of his country. This was the West Asian 50 kg Championship in Taekwondu. The day was 26th of November. The time was a few minutes past the hour of 6:00 pm. Waddah was calling on all his skills and will power. He knew he had to get over this guy. His foe was bulkier, taller, and had more dans (taekwondu titles). But he had to do it, which he did. He knocked out Khaled Jabbar, and the whole stadium roared. Before a shaken Jabbar could get up, it was over. Waddah, 20, was a one-dan athlete stuck up for the last match of the championship with Khaled Jabbar who had three dans. The first round ended with 1-0 points in favor of Khaled. The 2nd round ended with 2-1 points in favor of Khaled. In the 3rd round, Waddah knocked out his foe to clinch a victory and come home with the gold medal. More on Sports Page