Yemeni Beaches Swarming with Thousands of Bathers [Archives:2001/52/Local News]

December 24 2001

Yemeni beaches witnessed an internal tourist booming during the Eid holiday. Yemenis have swarmed to the coastal cities from all the governorates of the republic, such as Aden, al-Makha, Hodeidah, al-Khokha and Mukalla. The number of visitors to these cities has totaled 800 thousand citizens from different cities of the republic during the Eid al-Fitr vacation.
Hodeidah is the first city to receive visitors and Aden is the second. Visitors to Aden during the last four days of the Eid Al-Fitr vacation reached more than 300 thousand people from different cities. In a survey conducted by the YT with some visitors of the city. people expressed their admiration of the level of change in all Aden beaches.
It is worth mentioning that a number of Arab visitors have also visited Aden beaches from different countries such as KSA and other Gulf states in addition to some Yemeni expatriates.