Yemeni Blind Celebrate [Archives:2001/45/Local News]

November 5 2001

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Mr. Abdulqader Bajammal, and under the motto “Enabling the Blind to Work: a Civilized Indicator at the Threshold of the Third Millennium,” the ceremony of the tenth week of the Yemeni Blind was held from October 28 to November 1 in the Yemeni Research and Studies Center.
The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Mr. Abdulquader Bajammal, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mr. Abdulkarim Alarhabi, the Minister of Technical Training and Vocational Application Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Alhutami, Minister of Education Dr. Fadhl Abughanem, and the State Minister of Human Rights Dr. Wahiba Fare’e.
Chairman of the Yemeni Society for the Blind, Hassan Ismaeel, welcomed the participants and invited them to discuss problems facing the handicapped in general, and the blind in particular. He called upon participants to work hard to integrate the blind into society and upon the government to demonstrate more cooperation, saying that the success of such activities depends upon the positive reaction of the government. “Blind people, as human beings, have the right to work and to earn their living by themselves,” he said. He concluded by thanking the Social Fund for Development for its contribution to the development and improvement of the Center and blind.
Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal expressed his governmental commitment to help the blind find the jobs that suit them. He said a number of projects in favor of the blind were to be kicked off in the near future. One of these projects is adopting the Braille system.
The Chairman of the National Union of Yemeni Handicapped Societies emphasized the Union’s commitment to helping the handicapped achieve their goals and dreams in life. He addressed President Saleh and Sheikh Abdullah b. Hussein Al-Ahmar expressing the blind’s need for their utmost help and support.
The celebration shed light on the blind’s abilities and qualifications. They have realized the need to be qualified to face life. Will they really be enabled to realize their dreams? Or will all promises to help them remain words repeated on such occasions?
Nada Mansour Al-Shamiri
Yemen Times