Yemeni-British Society pledges annual BP 30,000 to CAABU [Archives:2002/11/Local News]

March 11 2002

In a move to consolidate and support Yemeni-British, Arab-British, and Arab-European relations, the Yemeni-British Society, along with the Chamber of Commerce, announced last week that they would start a campaign in support of Council for the Advancement of the Arab-British Understanding (CAABU), whose chairman Cyril Townsend paid a visit to the country last week.
Member of the Society, Dr. Mohamed Abdumajeed Qubaty told Yemen Times that he hoped that the move would encourage other Arab-British societies and chambers of commerce and trade to act similarly, and hence provide greater financial back-up to CAABU.
We have to support the council, which has always been supportive to our causes, including the Middle East struggle for the past thirty five years, Dr. Qubaty said.
Since it was established 35 years ago, CAABU maintained a record of active programs in visiting British schools and lobbying parliamentarians and houses of law and government departments to help forward Arab-British relations.
It is expected that this initiative will trigger positive response from other societies and commerce chambers in the Arab world to financially support the council.