Yemeni charitable societies activities in Ramadan [Archives:2005/890/Business & Economy]

October 31 2005

A number of Yemeni charitable societies, mainly the societies of Al-Saleh, Al-Islah, the People's Society in Hadramout, Al-Hikamah al-Yamania charitable society in Taiz and its branches in governorates have been carrying out their Ramadan charitable activities and projects.

Among those activities Al-Hikmah Society is carrying out its 16th general program consequently and in this regard the society gives Iftar project for the fasting offering 87160 food meals for the fasting Iftar, offering 14987 food help to poor families including rice, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, dates as well as distribution of Eid clothes to more than three thousand orphans and needy persons.

There is also an implementation of a joint project sponsored by the General Federation of Yemeni Women and al-Saleh Establishment for Social Development including distribution of Ramadan aid in all Yemeni governorates according to accounts containing names of the needy families, taking into account families of martyrs, the widows and the most needy women for such Ramadan help.

Al-Saleh establishment also carries out program of Ramadan assistance consisting of food stuffs for the needy. Mr. Ismael al-Wadeie, director of the sector of programs and projects in the establishment said the establishment's assistance programs aimed at offering aid to more than 300 thousand families in all Yemeni governorates. The assistance is distributed to those who really are in need and that is in coordination with the local councils in the districts and centers depending on statements of the social security departments.