Yemeni Egyptian Medical Week [Archives:2002/44/Local News]

October 28 2002

SANA’A-Expo Center has hosted the Yemeni Egyptian medical and scientific week exhibition which held from 26 till 28 of October. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Dr. Abdunasser Al Munibari, Yemeni minister of public health along with the Egyptian vice Health minister,, Dr., Ahmed Mura’ai. The exhibition also included many scientific seminars on the medicine and vaccinations. In a statement for the Egyptian officer, he said that there is high level of cooperation between the two countries in order to promote the medical cooperation through such exhibitions. ” We brought a medical team in open heart surgery, bones synergy and they made many successful operations at the Athawra hospital in Sana’a” Mar’ai said.
The Egyptian deputy health minister said there are a unique relations between Yemen and Egypt for a long time and Egypt is the first Arab countries in the medicine industry and exports ” We offer more facilities for the Yemeni Agents and priority in marketing”. said the Egyptian deputy minister. A bout the open heart operations conducted by the Egyptian team, she said that they are more than 35 operation up in average of 4 operations daily done by 14 doctors and there is protocols for training, manufacturing, and supervision of medicines between the two countries.
The inauguration was attended by the Mr. Al Werafi, chairman of Al Werafi company, Tawfeeq Anehmi, GM of Apollo company.