Yemeni elected PAA administrator [Archives:2004/798/Local News]

December 13 2004

Yemeni Dr Ahmed al-Kibsi was elected a member of the administrative staff by 130 members of the Politics Arab Association (PAA) in its sixth conference, held in Beirut on Dec. 1 and 2.
Dr al-Kibsi, head of the Yemeni delegation participating in the conference, got 106 votes. He was followed by the Sudanese Dr. Mohammed Nouri, the Jordanian Dr. Mazen Ghraybah and six other members.
Dr. Ali-eddin Helal, Egyptian former minister of youth, was elected chairman of PAA, while the Algerian Dr. Ammar Jafal and the Iraqi Dr. Sa'ad Naji were respectively deputy chairman and secretary-general.
The Yemeni delegation of the political scientists Headed by Dr. Al-Kibsi was formed of Dr. Khadijah al-Haysami, Dr. Abdulmajeed al-Mekhlafi, and Dr. Jalal Fuqairah.
The PAA's conference included delegations from most of the Arab countries.
It included a discussion about the role of Arab political scientists in developing the nation.
The second day was devoted for discussing the financial and administrative report and electing new administrative staff.