Yemeni Embassy in Malaysia marks Yemen’s 17th anniversary [Archives:2007/1055/Local News]

May 31 2007

KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 ) Celebrating the 17th anniversary of Yemen's reunification, Yemeni students in Malaysia made an artistic ceremony under the patronage of Yemeni Embassy there. The ceremony was staged in University Putra-Malaysia's (UPM) grand hall and it was attended by the embassy affiliates and the UPM University teachers.

Yemeni Ambassador to Malaysia Abdulnasser Munibari delivered a speech during the ceremony in which he congratulated the students on the occasion, indicating that unity was a dream to all Yemeni people. He further pointed out that many democratic and development successes are achieved day by day.

Munibari also hinted that the success of London's Donor Conference and Investment Opportunities Exploring Conference will have positive impact on people's life, maintaining further successes can be achieved through the support of brothers in Gulf and other friendly countries. He also praised President Saleh's announcement of suspending the military operations on Al-Houthi rebels during the celebration day.

Additionally, he called students to exert more efforts and prove themselves in their studies in order to make their country takes pride in them. Students' representatives also delivered similar speeches, expressing their happiness over the occasion.