Yemeni environmental health improves [Archives:2005/813/Local News]

February 3 2005

Yemen has been ranked higher than previously on efforts to protect the environment in the annual survey prepared by experts at Yale and Columbia universities in the USA.

The New York Times said last Monday that the U.S.A. was ranked 46th, after Japan, and Yemen was put at number 71, and was among countries such as Taiwan, Haiti, Kuwait and Iraq. Yemens's rank in 2002 had been significantly lower, at 87.

The New York Times added that the study classified 146 countries, and the top ten positions were given to seven European countries and three Southern American countries for their success in protecting environmental resources such as water and air, and promoting environmental awareness. The study also looked at the percentage of live births, fertility averages, diseases, the level of the carbon monoxide in the air, and acidic rain levels.