Yemeni-Eritrean Talks Concluded [Archives:2001/41/Local News]

October 8 2001

Yemeni-Eritrean talks concerning fishing rights, chaired by the two countries’ Foreign Ministers Dr. Abu Bakr Al-Qerbi and Mr. Ali Sayed Abdulla, were concluded on Tuesday without reaching an agreement.
The Sana’a four-day talks included an assessment of implementing agreements signed by the two countries, as well as a completion of measures to finalize other agreements of cooperation before the end of the year.
Yemeni and Eritrean viewpoints also differed in trying to explain texts contained in the resolution of the International Arbitration Body with regard to Hunish Archipelago. This, however, did not prevent discussing the establishment of a joint fishing company, as the two sides indicated a desire for increasing cooperation in this field.