Yemeni-European Agreement Goes into Force [Archives:1998/04/Front Page]

January 26 1998

On January 29th, 1998, the Yemeni-European Cooperation Agreement will be read in the European Parliament. “It is not a process of ratification. It is just a routine exercise of bringing the document to the attention of the parliamentarians,” explained Mr. Torben Holtze, in charge of Yemen at the Commission. Yet, the event is important because it will lead to publishing the agreement in the Official Journal of the European Communities, thus making it enter into force. The Agreement was signed in Brussels on November 23rd, 1997, and was negotiated over a period of 15 months. The 23-article agreement offers an advanced framework for the EU to channel economic and technical assistance, and for the Yemeni government to embark on policies leading to political democratization, economic liberalization, protection of the environment, balanced demographic growth, and the eradication of poverty.