Yemeni expatriate scores 100% in secondary exams [Archives:2005/857/Local News]

July 7 2005

A Yemeni female student, Aisha Omar Sa'eed Bawazir, residing in Saudi Arabia scored 100% in the secondary school examinations, scientific section.

Scoring 100% in each school subject, talented Aisha stood first at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Ministry of Education awarded the scientific creativity certificate to Aisha Bawazir who has studied in the 58th Secondary School in Riyadh.

Besides, she was awarded a certificate of merit by her school in recognition of her regularity and efforts throughout the school year.

Mohammad Taher al-Qurashi, Head of Yemeni Youths Union in Saudi Arabia said the scientific achievement demonstrated by Aisha Bawazir gives honor and pride to all Yemenis inside and outside the country.

He added that Sheikh Mohammad Sa'eed, Head of the Yemeni Community in Saudi Arabia pledged to entirely sponsor the university study of Aisha in any major she wants and in any country.

Al-Qurashi pointed out that a number of Yemeni community members in Saudi Arabia scored high in the secondary school examinations occupying distinctive positions.