Yemeni Exports on the Rise [Archives:1998/06/Local News]

February 9 1998

The General Manager of the Aden Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Badr Ba-Salma has indicated, in a statement made to Yemen Times, that the governorate of Aden has witnessed a positive change, as far as exporting and re-exporting are concerned. “There has been an increase of YR 4,475 million in 1997 exports as compared to 1996,” said Mr. Ba-Salma. The total value of exports in 1997 was YR 6,312,096, 554. “This increase is attributed to the improvement in the quality of fish, coffee, honey, and other exported good which led to a suitable increase in prices, explained Mr. Ba-Salma. “The Aden Chamber of Commerce has conducted a survey among exports who gave us a good feedback. They indicated that the government should lessen the obligations imposed on them.” Exporters also called for more facilities at the sea and air port such as cold storage rooms to keep fish and other sea catch in condition while awaiting to be loaded onto ships. “Exporters are often dismayed when flights are delayed for long periods of time, incurring huge losses” said Mr. Ba-Salma. “It is essential that cargo charges are decreased, and custom duties imposed on commodities used to manufacture export goods be reviewed. Also, the double standards used by security organs are abandoned.” Mr. Ba-Salma also called for implementing the cabinet’s decree of June 25th, 1997, which will “encourage Yemeni exports.”