Yemeni family threaten to commit mass suicide [Archives:2007/1041/Local News]

April 12 2007

SANA'A, April 10 ) A desperate Yemeni family who have been suffering from injustice in more than one form sent an appeal through Yemen Times to Colonial Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, Chief of Republic Guards Forces and Special Forces. Sameer Ba-Salama, a young aerospace engineer who graduated from Britain five years ago but is yet jobless confirmed that if nothing is being done to help ease his family's suffering he and his mother and sister, they will commit a group suicide in front of the Republican Palace.

The appeal states their problem from more than one angle, they have been homeless because of not being able to find accommodation. Because Sameer was a classmate of the president's son Ahmed Saleh, he dedicated his appeal him the later. Sameer had met with Ahmed Saleh on 15th of June 2004, when he was promised a home and a job in Al-Yamenia airlines.

“I don't know any logical reasons for that, and God knows that death had become more honorable for us from this miserable life. And I beg you to face us if you had known any false accusation about us. Until truth prevails.” He bitterly said.

Apparently, Ahmed Saleh had instructed his private secretary Mr. Tarek Al-Radhi to provide the family with accommodation, and instructed Captain/Abdul-Khalek Saleh Al-Qadi, the CEO of the Yemeni Airways company, to provide Ba-Salama with a job. However, 3 years since then and nothing of the former took place. In fact, according to the appeal both had refused to meet with him or reply to his letters.

The family is also complaining of the corrupted judiciary system which did not act fairly in their demand of their father's inheritance. Ba-Salama family is well known and well off but Sameer's brothers from another mother control the inheritance and refuse to give Sameer and his sister their legal share.

In the appeal, Sameer Ba-Salama requested Ahmed Saleh to review his case and fulfill his promise to the family else, they have no choice but to take their own lives.