Yemeni Foreign Ministry denies dispute with Saudi Arabia [Archives:2005/857/Front Page]

July 7 2005

A source in The Yemeni Foreign Ministry denied the credibility of a London based Arabic newspaper about a beginning of a crisis between Yemen and Saudi Arabia

The source assured that the relations between the two neighbor countries are distinct and enjoy special attention from the leaders of the two countries.

The source added that the convenience of the different committees and the exchange of official visits is a good proof. They come in the frame of achieving more coordination and consolidating on the economical, political, security and all that concerns the two countries.

Khaled Humadi, the Sana'a correspondent of Al-Quds Al-Arabia, the London based Arabic news paper, had said that there are political strains between Sana'a and Riyadh because of the security matters and war on terror related issues. The continuous Saudi support to the outside Yemeni opposition was also another problem.

AlQuds confirmed that the security issue had pushed the diplomatic Yemeni Saudi relations to the verge of a dead lock. Cairo has played a role in containing the crisis in its earlier stages but these efforts failed. The paper said that in spite of the Saudi Yemeni reticence on this matter, but it began to leak, especially after Riyadh has welcomed the financial arrangements of the ex- Yemeni ambassador in Syria, Ahmed Alhasani, after he has been denied asylum by Britain. Sana'a considered that an interference in its affairs.