Yemeni-French Cultural Activities Held in Taiz [Archives:2001/19/Culture]

May 7 2001

Farook al-kamali
Yemen Times
Yemeni-French cultural activities were held during 1-3 May at the Cultural Center Hall. The activities are organized within the framework of the cultural season activities of the Faculty of Arts, Taiz university.
Activities included songs, Yemeni-French dances conducted by students of French in Taiz and Dhamar Universities. Activities included acts of plays demonstrating the role of women police in the society. The Yemeni singer Jaber Ali Ahmad played the lute. Ebtesam al-Mutawakel, a poet, recited some of her poems while the couple maline, two French nationals, sang some French songs.
Luon, the French band, and Mass, Yemeni band, presented some French and Yemeni songs.
In the winding up ceremony creative students from Taiz, Dhamar and Aden universities were honored. A plastic art, traditional Yemeni clothes and Yemeni-French meal exhibitions were also organized.
The two tourists, Oliver Ginay, German, and Loghabago, French, set out in their glider flying from al-A’aroos, the highest peak in Saber Mountain, 320m in height.
Cultural activities will continue including scientific and literary seminars. A day is defined for students of the English department to hold their activities.
On the other hand, an exhibition for art and heritage is held on the hall of al-Sha’ab school by Dia. Another exhibition for school activities and traditional clothes was held by Taiz schools in collaboration with some handicapped societies.
The exhibition aims at developing talents in arts, drawing, decoration, handicrafts, and local industries, besides other Yemeni cultural activities.