Yemeni-German Geological Mapping Project [Archives:2004/721/Local News]

March 18 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

The Ministry of Oil and Minerals organized on Monday 15 March a workshop that took place in Hadda Hotel, on the Yemeni-German geological mapping project.
The workshop aimed to display the first stage of the project of geological mapping for the Republic of Yemen and to discuss the achieved results.
Dr. Rasheed Saleh Baraba'a, Minister of Oil and Minerals, pointed out in his speech that this workshop came to conclude the first stage of the geological mapping of the republic of Yemen with a measure 1: 100,000 that been implemented with the cooperation of the German Institute BGR and the Ministry of Water and Environment. It has taken 3 and a half years, during which a number of great works have been fulfilled and a number of Yemeni cadre have been trained.
He finally expressed his thanks for the German friends on BGR institute for the intensive efforts they have exerted in training the local cadre. He thanks all the institutions that have participated in this project.

Geo. Richard Dallwig, General Advisor at BGR, also delivered a speech in which he said “For more than 30 years the Yemeni and German government have cooperated in many different fields. One of these is the geosciences where BGR and the Ministry of Oil and Minerals have conducted many projects such as the YGGMP. Today we are presenting the final results of our activities during the last 4 years in the field of geological and thematic mapping.”
He also thanked all the colleagues in the project, in the board and all supporters of the different organizations.
13 geological posters were displayed, such as geoenvironmental maps of the Sana'a basin, the geo-database, the basement of Yemen, cartographic work and sedimentary and volcanic rocks of Yemen.
Dr. Rasheed Saleh Baraba'a, Minister of Oil and Minerals, Mr. Mohammed Lutf Aryani, Minister of water and environment, Mr. Ahmed al-Kahlani, Minister of State and Capital Secretariat, along with a number of people from the Ministry of Oil and Minerals as well as representatives of German side attended the opening ceremony.