Yemeni-German Relations Ride High [Archives:1998/42/Local News]

October 19 1998

The Yemeni-German Friendship Association (YGFA) celebrated the anniversaries of the Yemeni Revolutions – September and October, as well as the German Unification Day. A gathering was held on Thursday, October 15 for this purpose.
In attendance were the Minister of Health, the Minister of Culture, the Deputy Minister of Culture, German Ambassador to Yemen, Dr. Yousuf Mohammed Abdullah, Chairman of YGFA, and many German and Yemeni members of the association.
The ambassador spoke on the occasion about the growing Yemeni-German relations. The health minister disclosed that some charitable German societies covered the expenses of 41 Yemeni children flown to Germany for medical treatment. The culture minister stressed the rising level of cultural cooperation between the two sides.
At the end of the event, Yemen Times opened a contribution bid for the YGFA with a YR 100,000 donation. That was followed by other donors.
The YGFA is one of the active associations in Yemen.