Yemeni goods lack high standards [Archives:2004/735/Local News]

May 6 2004

It seems the series of manufactured goods especially made for the Yemen market will not end soon.
The problem seems to be that products are manufactured according to the specifications of the Yemeni importers and do not necessarily meet the stipulations, specifications and standards obliged by the manufacturers when they produce goods for markets at the country of origin or in other markets but in Yemen.
What is even worse than the bad quality of products, is the trade marks and forms which do not coincide with our values. The latest such products are the children's candies, which come in the shape of shoe and foot.
In a statement that the Yemen Times received a copy of, the Yemeni Society for Consumers' Protection called on the importers to be more sympathetic and at least import of goods, which take into consideration our values and ethics.
It called on the related competent authorities to put an end to the random importation of goods and to allow only for the import of goods, which meet specifications, standards and values and ethics of our society.
It called on the authorities to take deterrent legal measures against the violators and against those tampering with safety, health, values and ethics of the consumers.